First Line Mobile Homes

Camp Perna is located on the Peljesac peninsula. Campsite with  Mediterranean climate with a beautiful view of Korcula Island. Campsite Perna is suitable for children and all guests who are interested in active holiday. Mobile homes are located on the beach, protected by the natural shade of the trees. From our spacious terraces, guests can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the island of Korcula, but also a surfers who cut waves with the wind, blowing through the Pelješac channel and providing refreshments in the warm summer days. In the campsite there is a beach surf center which, through its full-day programs, offers sailing enthusiasts an opportunity to learn to surf or to perfect their skills with rented or their own equipment. Along the beach there are additional facilities such as restaurant, cafe, supermarket and a gift shop. An unforgettable vacation will be complemented by numerous events that take place inside the camp. This will give guests the opportunity to see a performance with fire, relax with gong therapy, or have fun with a movie theater under the stars.

Mobile home Bianca Premium 1st line

Bianca Premium 1st line mobile home has a direct access to beach. The guests accommodated in Premium mobile homes can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, the beach and the island of Korčula.

- Size: 32m2
- Dimension: 8 x 4 m
- Capacity: 4 + 2



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