Peljasac peninsula - a paradise for surfers

We invite lovers of windsurfing on holiday in Croatia, in a small town Viganj, on the Pelješac peninsula, where the west wind Maestral is blowing harder than anywhere else.
Being located in the middle of the narrow channel between Peljašac and Korčula, winds there are blowing even two times faster than elsewhere in the Adriatic.
In the summer mornings there is mild breeze, which reaches up to 3 beauforts, and creates very good conditions for beginners in surfing.
In the afternoon the wind is blowing up to 5 beauforts, which makes it ideal for more experienced surfers.

Pelješac channel is well known and recognized by fans of the sport from around the world, as it provides a unique experience of surfing. In July 2013, in Viganj, was held the World championship in windsurfing.

To connect an experience of the sea and the wind with a superb holiday accommodation we are inviting you to come to our fully equipped and modern mobile homes!
Our mobile homes are located in Camp Perna, just a few kilometers from Viganj, in a prime location, next to the sea.
In camp Perna there is also a surf center and a surfing school, where our guests can rent or leave their equipment. It is also possible to rent kayaks, SUP equipment and bicycles.