Camp map Perna

Camp Perna is located on the Pelješac peninsula, 3 km away from the center of Orebić.
Guests accommodated in Camp Perna enjoy a beautiful view of the Peljesac channel, island and town of Korčula. Mobile homes are located in the four zones - A, B, C and D.
In the A zone, there are mostly bigger mobile homes, (type Bianca 32m2). Along the coast, in the few first rows of A zone, are located Premium mobile homes.
Zone B consists of smaller and larger mobile homes, ideal for guests who want to spend their vacation in the quiet area, away from the crowd.
In the C and D zones, there are smaller mobile homes (type Anya 24m2) very well positioned in relation with beach, bar and restaurant.

On the links bellow you can find detailed maps of each zone.

A and B zone.pdf
Premium mobile homes are located in the A zone:
Bianca Premium (32m2)- zone A - A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A14, A15, A16, A17, A18, A23, A24, A25, A26, A43, A44
Bianca Premium 1st line (32m2)- zone A - A19, A20, A21, A22, A42
Anya Premium (24m2) zone A- A38, A39, A40, A41 

Premium mobile homes are located in the D zone:
Anya Premium (24m2) zone D.pdf - D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 

C and D zone.pdf